Develop an internal risk management program and identify your risks based on discussions with your leadership team

Business is becoming more in touch with risk, the methods used to identify risks vary.  In the past, financial institutions leveraged internal audit staff along with external governance (FDIC, FFIEC, SIPC, OCC and many others) to identify risks and put controls in place to mitigate those risks.  Today those same financial institutions are required by

American Banker Rebecca Sausner MAR 1, 2009 2:00am ET Dealing with server sprawl is one thing; relying on servers that had been underwater in a flooded building, dried out and put back to use, raises a bank’s IT risk to a whole ‘nother category. When Peter Horvath was hired as the information technology officer at

Measuring the Success of a Project

Measuring the success of a project  While there are key items to consider when tracking project success, there is a final and crucial element that is key when the time comes to close the project and report on the success factors. 1.         Budget is an item that is the most important factor for many projects.